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Notice of Special Education Services & Programs, Child Find, & Annual Notice to Parents

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The Canon-McMillan School District is committed to providing quality special education programs to all identified students throughout the district.  All special education programs are operated under the guidelines of both the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and state (Chapter 14) regulations.

If you believe your child is in need of Special Education Services, please contact your child's school principal.




C-M students who participated in our ESY Program Camp L.I.F.T. raised money through hosting a car wash and participating in a walk-a-thon. They raised onver $600 for the Canonsburg Food Bank!

(Exerpt taken from IN Canon-Mac Magazine)


ESY - Camp L.I.F.T. (Learning is Fun Together) (Summer 2017)

Canon-McMillan students had fun and learned quite a bit at Camp L.I.F.T. this past summer as part of Canon-Mac's extended school year program. This year, they traveled through the decades as they participated in Music Therapy, completed a tie-dye project, planted flowers outside, engaged in a hands-on presentation about turtles, and visited some cool places including Oglebay Zoo, a trip to Five Below, and an Equestrian trip. In addition, they hosted a car wash and a walk-a-thon to raise money for the Canonsburg Food Bank! Best of all, they had fun this summer while learning!



New Adaptive Physical Education Program a Hit at CMHS (May 2017)

The bell signifying the start of class rings, and the a group of students file their way into their adaptive physical education class with mats in hand.  But this isn't an ordinary class – and those are no ordinary mats.


A Generous Donation

The mats, as part of the associated adaptive physical education program Canon-McMillan High School students began taking in March was developed by Eruption Athletics, and the funding to bring the innovative program to CMHS was thanks to a generous donation from a local business owner through the Canon-McMillan Horizon Foundation. Gerard “Gerry” O'Hare, owner of Jeffreys Drug Store, funded the program offering for Canon-McMillan students who take an adaptive physical education class.

Keeping Kids Active

After the students make their way into class, their teacher, Miss Lara Antis, leads them through a series of exercises using the mat —which has different areas marked with colorful numbers—to help guide them through the movements.  On this particular day, the operators of Eruption Athletics, who trained Canon-McMillan staff on how to run the program, were in house to observe, answer questions, and help students perfect their form.  The result is a high-energy class with lots of smiles—all while students are breaking a sweat.


Measurable Results, Lasting Skills

Ms. Antis said the Eruption Athletics program surprised her in more ways than one. "Within the first week, I noticed an increase in excitement and activity and it took no time at all for students to catch on,” she said. “The students eyes light up with the bright colored number of the pad, and every exercise that was introduced to them they were able to complete within the first three minutes.”

District Director of Special Education, Becky Lieb, added that the program, while fitness-based, also helps reinforce other skills—everything from socialization to following instructions.  "Another advantage of the program," she said, "is that is allows the teachers and instructors to gauge the students' progress in ways that parallel real-life application. We're excited to see the results over time and also see what our students retain over summer break!”

C-M Hosts Autism Training for Law Enforcement & Community Agencies on How to Respond Safely and Effectively to Calls Involving Children and Adults with Autism (May 2017)

lLocal Agencies Get Autism Training


ESY - Camp L.I.F.T. (Learning is Fun Together) (Summer 2016)

Canon-McMillan students are having fun and learning at Camp L.I.F.T. as part of Canon-Mac's extended school year program. This year, they've participated in various activities including learning about reptiles, horseback riding, etc. They also held a car wash and participated in a walk-a-thon to raise money for the Canonsburg food bank which resulted in over $400 raised!



C-M Students Participates in Miracle League Baseball Tournament (May 2016)

Check out the news coverage at the link below. You'll be able to see some of our CMHS students up at bat, hitting the ball into the field!

More Than 300 Athletes Participating in Miracle League Tournament


Include Me From the Start Presentation Punctuates Importance of Inclusion in Classroom (March 2016)

Borland Manor Elementary School was recently presented with a special plaque and painting from the Include Me program, which works to promote inclusion in the classroom.

The items were presented to the school by Quimber-Kay Nutter, a team leader at ARC Human Services, to honor its efforts in bringing special needs and regular education students together.

Not familiar with the Include Me program? Include Me is a new model for the inclusive education of Pennsylvania’s students with disabilities. Its mission? To build the capacity for inclusive education in public schools for all students. Include Me works alongside Mikayla's Voice, a program that also involves promotion of inclusion among students in the classroom.

Ms. Nutter explained that the lady bug with the yellow dot represents each student and their differences. The painting? It was created by the Mikayla’s Voice program’s namesake to show inclusion is for all students, not just for those with special needs.​

She works with three students at Borland Manor – as well as students who attend First Street and Canon-McMillan Middle School, and said everyone has been welcoming and warm at Canon-McMillan.

“I meet with the students and teachers each week. I observe the students and provide feedback when needed. I meet with the teachers and discuss issues and changes, and different supports and techniques to try,” Ms. Nutter said. “We all work together to provide each student with the support needed to give each of them the education they deserve.”

Here’s a closer look at the painting:


Paint Social w/ SEC Club (October 2016)

CMHS teacher, Sherree Mohler, along with the art club President, Rylie McGrady, helped to organize a paint night for the SEC club at the high school.  Rylie guided the students through painting a Jack O' Lantern by using step by step instructions and modeling. It ended up being a very successful event!  It was a great opportunity for all students to engage in the arts and socialize, regardless of their ability level.








Special Education Department
25 E. College St.
Canonsburg PA 15317
Phone: 724.746.9414
Fax: 724.746.9604

Director of Special Education
Mrs. Rebecca Lieb

Special Education Coordinator
Mr. Robert Chuey

Special Education Secretary
Mrs. Barbara Walker



School Psychologist (Wylandville Elementary & Canonsburg Middle School)
Mr. Brian Anderson

School Psychologist
(Borland Manor Elementary & South Central Elementary)

Mrs. Amy Honhart

School Psychologist
(First Street Elementary & North Strabane Intermediate)

Ms. Adrienne John

School Psychologist
(Cecil Elementary, Muse Elementary, Cecil Intermediate)

Mrs. Chrisine Price

School Psychologist
(Hills-Hendersonville Elementary & Canon-McMillan High School)

Mr. Chris Risha


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