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April is National Distracted Driving Month

textwreckAccording to the National Safety Council, cognitively distracted drivers can miss up to 50 percent of their driving environment, including stop signs, pedestrians and red lights. And drivers talking on cell phones − handheld or hands-free − are four times as likely to crash.

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Take some time to remind your employees that focusing on anything other than driving, including eating and drinking; reading a map; adjusting a radio or talking on the phone; while behind the wheel can put themselves and others in serious danger.

If you would like to borrow any of the HM training videos on distracted driving, please contact me. 

For great resource materials to use in your employee safety awareness program, visit www.distraction.gov

Stay safe, and arrive alive!

Workplace safety is a focus of the Canon-McMillan School District. The committee’s mission is to take a critical look at workplace safety while helping to find cost savings. The committee has equal representation from administration and staff, including teachers, transportation personnel, building administrators, secretaries, custodians, cafeteria workers and Administration Building staff. Each committee member receives mandatory training annually. The safety committee has earned approval from the Department of Labor and Industry as a Workplace Safety Committee. In 2007, the committee earned the PSBA (Pennsylvania School Boards Association) Insurance Trust Safety Award acknowledging the district for its proactive approach to safety/loss control. The district stays on top of safety issues and concerns using an on-line reporting system and monthly meetings. The meetings are conducted in a different facility each month. At the conclusion of the committee’s formal meeting, a site walk-through is done and a safety checklist is completed for that building. The committee’s findings are then shared with the building principal or supervisor prior to leaving the building. If any safety violation is found, that building is revisited. All major findings have been remedied. The Workplace Safety Committee has now grown to include a Transportation Safety Sub Committee. The Workplace Safety Committee also analyzes Workers’ Compensation claims and looks for ways to avoid future occurrences. Mrs. Joni Mansmann, Director of Business and Finance, says, “The commitment to safety is evident in every building we have visited.”


The Safety Committee consists of:

Mr. Scott Chambers Committee Chairman / Assistant Superintendent
Mr. Matt Zewalk, Co-Chair / Maintenance Coordinator
Mrs. Donna Barca, Committee Secretary / Executive Assistant
Ms. Joni Mansmann, Director of Business and Finance
Mr. Matt Harding, Director of Facilities
Mr. Timothy McCullough, Director of Human Resources
Mrs. Karen Dorgan, Maintenance Department Secretary
Mr. Steve Lucas, Maintenance
Mr. Casey Thompson, Technology
Mr. Bill Hampson, Transportation
Mrs. Charlotte Zaricki, Transportation
Ms. Marla Spiker, Custodial

Mr. Michael Daniels, Superintendent
Ms. Stacey Waffensmith, Nutrition, Inc
Ms. Sarah Zrimsek, Nutrition, Inc
Ms. Shannon Cimarolli, Borland Manor
Ms. Heidi Pastore, Borland Manor
Ms. Sue Duckworth, Middle School
Ms. Pam Monides, Middle School
Ms. Tula Dziak, Cecil Elem.
Ms. Katie Tyler, Cecil Elem.
Mr. Charles Cheroke, Cecil Int.
Mr. Bob Kleinhans, Cecil Int.
Ms. Jennifer Morgan, Cecil Int.
Ms. Jamie Read, First Street
Ms. Tacy Ross, First Street
Mr. Heath Bailey, High School
Mr. Bill Haney, High School
Ms. Shelley Brose, Hills Elem.
Ms. Beth Joseph, Hills Elem.
Ms. Jeanne Russo, Hills Elem.
Mr. Jim Hughey, Muse Elem.
Ms. Kristen McGowan, Muse Elem.
Dr. Mark Abbondanza, North Strabane Int.
Ms. Faith Cain, North Strabane Int.
Ms. Amanda Kyle, North Strabane Int.
Ms. Jennifer Auman, South Central Elem.
Ms. Margaret Demski, South Central Elem.
Ms. Joanna McCullough, South Central Elem.
Ms. April Lowden, Wylandville Elem.
Ms. Heather Merry, Wylandville Elem.

Central Administration
1 North Jefferson Ave
Canonsburg PA 15317
Phone: 724.746.2940
Fax: 724.746.9184

Chairperson of the Safety Committee
Mr. Scott Chambers


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