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Kindergarten Online Registration opens in March

If your child will be five years old on, or before, September 1 (Policy 201) you may register via our online registration process.

  1. During the month of March, contact your child’s school and notify the secretary that you have a child that you want to register for Kindergarten.
  2. The school secretary will provide you with a unique login number.
  3. Throughout March log back on to this site and use your unique login number to access our online Kindergarten Registration system.
  4. Completely answer all questions online.

(You may log off and on using your unique login until you finalize your application through March 31)

5. Print all documents at end of registration.
6. Click on the ‘Submit’ button to finalize the online process.
7. Once you submit your application, you will be provided with a specific time slot for you and your child to attend our Kindergarten Screening on May 15, 2018.
8. Bring all printed forms, filled out completely, with you to the Kindergarten Screening at your designated appointment.


The following items must be in place before the first day of school for your child to be considered to be officially registered for Kindergarten:

Person who is registering child must be the parent/guardian and is asked to bring a photo ID.

Bring to your scheduled appointment:

1. Completed forms printed from online registration
2. Original birth certificate
3. Two (2) Proofs of Residency
a. Proof of where you live (1)

  • Lease Agreement or Settlement Agreement for your residence Signed and dated by both parties
  •  Mortgage statement

b. Utility Bills (1)

  • gas, electric, or water
  • cell phone bills are NOT accepted as proof of residency

4. Current Immunization Records
5. Any applicable custody order

This is an exciting time for both you and your child and we hope that your child’s transition into public school will be a smooth one.
We look forward to you and your child becoming a part of the Canon-McMillan family.

Change of Address
If you move within the boundaries of the Canon-McMillan School District you will be required to provide two new proofs of residency to correspond to your new residence.
Please contact the building secretary to add these documents to your child’s permanent record (see above for eligible proofs of residency).


Central Administration
1 North Jefferson Ave
Canonsburg PA 15317
Phone: 724.746.2940
Fax: 724.746.9184

South Central Elementary
Phone: 724.745.4475

Borland Manor Elementary
Phone: 724.745.2700

First Street Elementary
Phone: 724.745.3130

Muse Elementary
Phone: 724.745.9014

Cecil Elementary
Phone: 412.221.6808

Hills-Hendersonville Elementary
Phone: 724.745.8390

Wylandville Elementary
Phone: 724.222.2507



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