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Internet Rules for the House


How to Block/Ban Someone on Facebook

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Parent Tips from the School Counselor

I-Parent Issue 1
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Just 4 Kids Internet Safety Info.

I Buddy Times

I Buddy Times

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Be Web Smart: Great resource for parents who want to learn more about the apps (i.e. Instagram, SnapChat, etc.) that their children have on their iPod, iPhone, or Android device.

PA Attorney General's Office - Information on Internet Safety & Appropriate Online Conduct
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MySecureCyberspace by Carnegie Mellon University

The Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use provides help, information and education to Internet and mobile device users of all ages. provides helps kids, parents and teachers handle “text bullying” – conducted through personal computers and cell phones. is an excellent user-friendly site for parents that provides a wealth of easy to follow information.


Global collaboration between the Canon-McMillan School District & the American School of Warsaw, Poland - Educating children on digital citizenship.
Global Collaboration

Learn how Canonsburg Middle School is educating adolescent students on the importance of Internet safety and appropriate usage.
Interet Safety: A Whole School Approach

Learn how Canonsburg Middle School Teacher, Brian Herrig is incorporating programming and gaming in his technology education class.
Thinking Like a Programmer

Learn howteh Canon-McMillan School District is exploring new ways to incorporate Web 2.0 experiences in the classroom.
Powering Students Up

Read about academic social networking in Canonsburg Middle School.
Academic Social Networking Brings Web 2.0 Technologies to the Middle Grades

MSNBC Story on Sexting: Her teen committed suicide over ‘sexting’


Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s) of CMSD:

As we move forward into the 21st Century, technology continues to become more and more part of our society.  Children are now termed “technology natives” and parents and educators as “technology immigrants.”  Our children have grown up with a mouse in their hand and hard-wired to quickly adapt to new technologies. 

As parents, it is our responsibility to teach children how to wield such powerful tools as the Internet.  The Internet is filled with wonderful educational material that children of all ages can benefit.  However, it is also filled with inappropriate content, sexual predators, drug promotion, etc.  The school see situations on a regular basis where a student has done something inappropriate using a mobile technology or the Internet. As a result, parents must be aware and monitoring their child's interactions on the Internet and mobile devices.

At Canon-McMillan, we want to help you in that mission by providing key information and educational opportunities to the students and parents throughout the school year.  The Canon-McMillan Internet Safety link is our way of providing information and resources to you. 

Dr. Greg Taranto
CMS Principal



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Growing Up Online: PBS Frontline Resource Site - This site is an excellent resource on how the Internet has radically changed the experience of childhood.
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