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Cecil Intermediate School is a learning community based upon the premise that all children can achieve success in learning. We believe that children can be responsible for their own learning and reflect our high expectations. All learners at Cecil Intermediate School are entitled to a nurturing environment that provides support and safety for all.

All staff members at Cecil Intermediate School are stakeholders in educating young minds. Parents, teachers, students and administrators are equal partners in this educational process. Our instructional practices are research-based and differentiated in order to address the needs of various learning styles. Our aim is to encourage success in many facets of each learner, including behavior, motivation, and their academic progress.

Cecil Intermediate Needs YOUR Help to Transform School Space

At Cecil Intermediate, the people who at the front of your children’s classrooms aren’t just teachers – they are techies, authors, DIY-ers, furniture designers, inventors, mechanics, artisans, musicians and nature/sports adventurers. And when they bring their professional and personal talents together, dynamic learning opportunities are always the result.

And now, those educators get to join with students, parents and the Canon-McMillan community to participate in an online fundraising project that, if successful, will help Cecil Intermediate transform a mat room into what is known as a makerspace.

That’s because Cecil Intermediate was one of 10 schools in the Pittsburgh region to be selected to participate in the pilot stage of the Kickstarting Making in Schools project. The initiative explores ways schools can integrate maker learning - often characterized by hands-on tinkering and building with old and new technologies - into their curriculums.

Through an educational partnership between the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh and Kickstarter, Cecil Intermediate will use the platform to raise funds for its project. The school will also be featured at Maker Faire Pittsburgh, which will take place on Oct. 10 and 11 on the North Side of Pittsburgh.

The school’s project, “Dream, Design, Create…and Dream Some More” has one goal: to encourage and develop creatively confident, innovative thinkers.

The Kickstarter fundraising goal is $12,000, which will go to pay for Chromebooks, a video camera, a digital camera, sewing machine, hand tools, craft supplies, a laserjet printer, 3D printer, whiteboards and more – all things to transform the room into a makerspace.

Here’s the bad news first: The Kickstarter campaign is an all-or-nothing endeavor. That means that Cecil Intermediate must meet its goal of $12,000 to get any funding.

Here’s the good news: Cecil Intermediate has from now through Nov. 2 to raise the money, and you can help! All donations – no matter the size – show support for the project, our educators, and most importantly, our students. To make a secure online donation to the project, just click here.

And remember, sharing is caring! Are you on Facebook? Twitter? Linkedin? Google+? Do you belong to a social or civic group? Please feel free share the link to our project, and to encourage others in the community to get involved!


Author Visit

On Friday, November 14th, Cecil Intermediate 6th Graders were fortunate to receive a visit from Sharon Warchol, author of newly published novel Jax Sheppard and the Seven Mirrors.  Her enthusiasm caused a stir among the students, who were interested in her fantasy novel and how Mrs. Warchol was making her mark on the world.  Mrs. Warchol is a former teacher and administrator in Canon-McMillan.


Mrs. Warchol shared two creativity building activities, a PowerPoint, complete with a virtual fieldtrip to The Chateau of Versailles – Hall of Mirrors, which was an inspiration for a scene in the novel, and a reading of a specific part of the book, all to the delight of the students.  Time flew, and she left the students with one last important message, “If you want to be a good writer, you must read.  You must read the voice of others in order to find your own voice.”







Red Ribbon Week 2014


5th Grade Drug Free Poster Winners

Daniel Bishop & Caitlyn Ray





Tuesday-Team Jersey, "Team Up Against Drugs!"







Wednesday-Red Day & Magic Show,

"Red-dy to Make Drugs Disappear"



Thursday-Black/Camo Day, "You won't see me doing drugs!"



Friday-Wear Orange, "Orange You Glad You're Drug Free!"



Stamp Out Bullying Day 2014





Humane Society Fundraiser 2014


National Anthem Day 2014



2013 - 2014 Pictures & Events

Red Ribbon Week, 2013

Red Ribbon Week, 2013

Dress Like a Friend

Helping Hands Domestic Violence Fundraiser, 2013

Toy Drive December, 2013


Winter Band & Chorus Concert, 2013


For more information and pictures regarding event and other CIS activities, click the "Cecil Intermediate Gallery" tab located on the left.


Cecil Intermediate School Synopsis

Cecil Intermediate school houses fifth and sixth grade students from Cecil, Muse, Hills-Hendersonville, and First Street Elementary Schools. The present student population is approximately 430.

In 5th grade, students are divided into teams of two teachers. One side of the team is responsible for the instruction of Math, Science, and Wellness. The other teacher has Language Arts (Reading, Spelling, Grammar, & Writing) and Social Studies. The wall between the two teachers' rooms is retractable allowing for unlimited integration and teaming opportunities.

In 6th grade, students are on one of two teams. Each team is comprised of four teachers, each teaching a content area. The content areas are Reading, Writing, Math, and Science. Each "homeroom" teacher also teaches Social Studies and Wellness.

Students at Cecil Intermediatel have access to a computer lab, library resource center, five computers in each classroom, and two iPad carts.

In addition to the regular curriculum students are exposed to a variety of unified arts classes. Students have physical education, art, music, library, technology, and foreign language classes. They also may choose to take Band and/or Chorus.

Throughout the year students have the opportunity to experience a variety of topics taught by the teachers during an Exploratory period. The students select a topic of their choice and rotate through them each nine week period approximately every five days.

Support is also offered during the school day for students who qualify. We have learning support teachers and aides on staff. These individuals push into the classroom in an inclusive setting to provide support. For enrichment, we have a gifted education program that functions as a pull-out and push-in program. Students who qualify for gifted support are pulled out for a minimum of two hours a week.

In addition to the academic supports available, we also have age appropriate social and emotional services. Mr. Barzan, our guidance counselor is available to students five days a week. He provides individual attention on a case by case basis, runs small group sessions for students, and pushes into the classroom throughout the year to conduct lessons for all students.

Cecil Intermediate School also utilizes the research based Olweus Bullying Prevention Program. The entire staff is involved in making this program successful and implementing it effectively throughout the school.

The Cecil Intermediate School Parent Organization is very active. CISPO meets at minimum every other month. They are organized by committees. The organization raises funds each year to pay for school programs, after school activities, and special events.

Cecil Intermediate School prides itself on past and present academic performance. Our staff strives to improve student achievement through differentiated instruction, diagnostic testing, and the utilization of clinically proven instructional strategies.




Cecil Intermediate
3676 Millers Run Road McDonald PA 15057
Phone: 724-745-4623
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Mr. Kleinhans

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After School Detention Tuesday & Thursday 3:45-4:45

To contact the after school detention class room call (724)745-4623 Ext. 412


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